My love affair with garlic… and everything else that keeps colds at bay!


Tis’ the season to be coughin’, or pukin’ or…yes the list goes on and when you’re a mom sick kids means no sleep! I’m sorry, but I love sleep. OK, I also love my kids and hate to see them miserable. Accordingly, as cold season approaches I get out my ever growing arsenal against bacteria and viruses.

I am in love with garlic — I guess I already said that — and it is one of the first things I turn to. I crush up a clove or two and throw it in a couple tablespoons of olive oil. It’s good for weeks. I rub the oil on the feet of my young babies and on the throats, just in front of the ears and on the feet on my older kids (6m and up). Its great for nipping in the bud sore throats and ear infections especially. I use it for myself, as well — it’s a good thing my husband doesn’t mind the smell! (It will help shorten a colds duration, but works best if used before the illness gets a foothold.) Another great use for adults is to make some fresh garlic bread — just lather with butter and fresh garlic, toast and eat! (This has become a favorite for my hubby and me.)

Oregano oil is another good one for young kids but only a diluted drop on the bottoms of their feet. (As an adult I can take it orally, but make sure it’s diluted and brace for a burn! It’s a great way to knock that scratchy throat.)

Speaking of essential oils, I love the mix Young-living puts out called Thieves. Great for killing bacteria. When someone is sickĀ  I often put a few drops in a spray bottle with water and mist the house. Breath deep as you go. I like the smell. (It’s also helpful with killing odors like stinky diapers left in a pail too long.) If I really want to kill a cold fast I put a drop on the back of my tongue — again brace for the taste!

These are my main three, but also near at hand is:

  • Ecaineasia- the first thing I give my kids when we get home from church or anywhere else there are sick people.
  • Lots of Vit. C (bring on the orange juice!)
  • Eucalyptus oil (only for older kids and adults as it will harm babies) for clearing those nasal passages. I like putting a drop on my pillow at night or on an older child’s feet, but NOT WHEN I HAVE A BABY NEARBY! (Do your research, one is better and safer than the others)
  • Ginger root tea/juice is great for viral infections but my kids are still too young for it’s strength.
  • Lemon and honey makes a great warm drink for soothing a sore throat and breaking up phlegm.
  • A spoonful of honey soothes a cough as good as most over the counter syrups (I find it takes a few minutes to work, but then I can usually sleep the rest of the night.
  • Peppermint is great for the stomach (esp. gas pains) but do not use with young children as it is too strong!

There are others odds and ends I use but are my favorites. Please remember I am not a health care provider and these are usually used to kill illness before it gets started. Doctors have their place and I appreciate that — I’m just glad they don’t get too much business from my family! (Be esp. careful if you are pregnant, as some oils and treatments are not proven safe… but when in doubt, I use garlic! Did I mention I love garlic?)