The Bunny is Cute, But He Didn’t Die For Me

Easter is here again and the stores are filled with chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs and chocolate … sorry, I’m getting a little distracted. I admit that I love chocolate and Easter is a great time of year to stock-up. So fill up your baskets (your shopping ones) and head for check out where the nice cashier will wish you a happy Easter. They can do it without any worry about offending anyone because “Easter” doesn’t really refer to Christ, and yet it is just as religious a holiday as Christmas, if not more so. At Christmas we celebrate Jesus’ birth, while during Easter, we remember the reason for it!

John 18:37 ~ “To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world…”

I guess I need to try harder not to get distracted.

I am Christian.

I believe Jesus died lived, died and rose again.

Because of Him, I can too!

I ran across this video, and I hope you enjoy!


I hope you have a very thoughtful Easter …

and a happy one, too!